Sociology of gender 2

Sociology of gender 2 - Sex differences that appear between...

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Social construction of gender What men and women are supposed to do How society defines what male and female should be What we are taught from the beginning reinforced over time The many different processes by which the expectation associated with being a boy or being a girl are passed on through society Sex chromosomes The 46 chromosomes that determine the gender of a child Hermaphroditism A condition of prenatal origin in which embryonic and/ or fetal differentiation of the reproductive system fails to reach completion as male or female ‘Transgender People who deviate from the binary system of gender Sexually dimorphic traits
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Unformatted text preview: Sex differences that appear between males and females Variability among gender is usually greater than the mean difference between genders Biological reductionism those that assume a given condition inevitably determines a particular event Biological determinism Those that assume a given condition inevitably determines a particular even Gender the social and cultural patterns that we associate with men and women in society Sex The biological identity meant to signify the fact that one is either male or female Social institutions * established patterns of behavior with a specific and recognized purpose...
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