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Sociology of Gender1

Sociology of Gender1 - • Nurture Men and women are taught...

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Sociology of Gender- part 1 Approaches to gender The media is a powerful force in reinforcing gender norms Assumptions Media focuses on differences between gender instead of similarities *Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus- we can relate to the topics in this book which is why we like it Faulty generalizations Taking knowledge from one experience and incorrectly extending it to another Experiences of women are different from men Your personal experience differ from others Sticky concept One that stays in our minds from generation to generation, even if they aren’t factually true Differences and Dominance * It’s easier and more newsworthy to talk about differences, but the simulation between the men and women in this classroom are perhaps even more important Nature vs. Nurture Nature- gender differences are as hard- wired as our sex differences
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Unformatted text preview: • Nurture- Men and women are taught to be different. From the moment we’re born we’re treated differently and are socialized to act differently. • Both of these arguments focus only on the differences Same difference • As gender inequality decreases, the differences among people will emerge so we can be thought of as more than just men or women • Men and women are a lot more similar than different Invisible dominance • Because men are the dominant culture, we don’t talk about masculinity and what that means. But when that masculinity is invisible it means that gendered standards are held up as gender neutral because we don’t see that they are based on assumption of masculinity • Focusing on gender differences leads to gender inequality...
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