Behind Bars notes- September 19

Behind Bars notes- September 19 - -Relationships among...

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Behind Bars: Women Issues in the Camps -In theory, men and women were not supposed to be at the camps together - Love- often described as “animalistic” Relationships - There were some camp marriages - These were known as camp husbands or wives Pregnancy and childbirth - There were maternity hospitals at the camps - Mothers in the camp were called moms or “Mamki” - There were many stories of the termination (forced and voluntary) of the pregnancy - There were some instances of amnesty for mothers - After giving birth, mothers were allowed little contact with their children, and were sent back to work as soon as possible - Sometimes children were amnestied, but these cases are few - Children who survived were damaged by the experience - Life in the orphanages was terrible, children of political prisoners were treated just as badly as their parents Relationships in the camps - Women prisoners and acquaintances - Mother and child (however short they may be) - Sexual aggression from men
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Unformatted text preview: -Relationships among women (they all have a common factor) Art forms among women in the Gulag-Acting and theatre as an outlet-Poetry What people expect when they hear documentary-Black and white, low budget-Interview people- sharing of personal stories-Truth-Primary footage of what the documentary is on- animal documentary= animal footage, real footage-Reenactments-A day in the life-Photographs- zoom in and out, pan-Voice reading- if documentary is on an actual person-Hear their words at different ages, and then see them at their current age-Last thought, review, take away message-Focus on symbols that are relative to the situation (i.e. flags and relics)-Summary of how things have changed and how things are today-History channel-Propaganda-Dramatic music-Subtitles-Serious events/issues Solovki Power- 1988-Marina Goldovskaya-Amazing that it was produced and released in the Soviet Union...
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Behind Bars notes- September 19 - -Relationships among...

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