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Maus timeline - again Sept/Oct Anja is moved from Birkenau...

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Maus Timeline 1906 Oct. 11: Vladek Spiegelman born 1912 March 15: Anja Zylberberg born 1937 Feb. 14: Vladek and Anja marry Oct: Vladek and Anja's son Richieu is born 1939 Sept 1: Germany invades Poland Sept. 28: Poland surrenders 1940 Feb.: Vladek is released from the POW camp and sent to Lublin 1941 Dec.: All Jews in Sosnowiec are forced to live in the ghetto section 1942 May 10-12: "Aktion" (deportation) of 1500 from Sosnowiec, June: 2000 more Jews deported from Sosnowiec to Auschwitz Aug. 12: 8000 more deported to Auschwitz 1943 Spring: all remaining Jews in Sosnowiec are sent to Srodula ghetto Richieu is sent to Zawiercie with his aunt Aug. 16: most Jews in Srodula are deported to Auschwitz Aug. 26: Tosha poisons herself and Richieu, 1944 Jan.: all remaining Jews in Srodula are murdered March: Vladek and Anja are sent to Auschwitz May-Aug.: Vladek works in Auschwitz tin shop Summer: Vladek sees Anja in Birkenau Aug.-Oct.: Vladek works in Auschwitz shoe shop, then tin/metal working
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Unformatted text preview: again Sept/Oct: Anja is moved from Birkenau to Auschwitz I 1945 Jan.: Vladek is marched to Gross Rosen Feb.: Vladek is sent by train to Dachau April: Vladek is evacuated from Dachau Apr. 29: Dachau is liberated May 7: Germany surrenders 1946 Vladek and Anja move from Poland to Sweden 1948 Feb. 15: Art Spiegelman is born in Stockholm 1951 Spiegelman family immigrates to US 1968 March: Art has a nervous breakdown & is hospitalized May 21: Anja commits suicide 1970 Art publishes “Prisoner from Hell Planet” 1972 Art publishes “Maus” in Funny Animals 1978 Art Spiegelman starts drawing Maus 1979 Aug.: Art and Françoise spend time in the Catskill mountains with Vladek 1982 Aug. 18: Vladek dies of congestive heart failure 1986 first volume of Maus published 1991 second volume of Maus published 1992 Art wins a Pulitzer Prize for Maus...
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