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Slavic studies- Behind Bars - Criminal prisoner-people who...

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Slav- Behind bars 1917- Bolsheviks - 1 st revolution- February (Czar Nicholas abdicated the throne) - 2 nd revolution- October 17 (Lenin became leader and later renamed it the Soviet Union) Gulag - acronym for a Soviet Institution - Camps originally designed for “special” prisoners. 18 million passed through - The original goal of the camp was to reform the prisoners 1923- GPU - Unites States Political Administration Prisoners there: - people were arrested daily - July 1937- November 1938- The Great Terror- Originally began with communist members, then went to their families then the general public
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Unformatted text preview: Criminal prisoner-people who commit real crimes-people who committed very small crimes (wouldn’t matter in other countries Political prisoners-mostly people who were arrested on suspicious of anti- Soviet behavior Article 58- 1928- main code used to indict and change political prisoners Gulag imprisonment process-arrest-kept in prison and interrogated-transported to camps-camps were so remote that it was almost impossible to escape...
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