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EL104 – Last –in-Class Essay Directions: Please choose one of the following topics and write a 350-400-word essay. Be sure to: PLAN your essay carefully WORD-PROCESS or WRITE in blue or black ink PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to format EDIT CAREFULLY for spelling, grammar, and essay structure BE ATTENTIVE to time limit TURN IN your essay plan 1. Pick a person you know or have heard of who is successful and explain the reasons for that person's success. 2. Pick two or three fashion trends which are popular in your culture or age group (or another) and discuss them. These may include clothing and hair, but also body ornamentation such as piercing or tattoos. What do you think of them? Why do you think people choose them? Which do you like? Which do you think are silly and why? (an example: people often use tattoos as a way of expressing something emotionally
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Unformatted text preview: important to them, but how do others see them? Another example: more and more ‘sexy’ clothes are being marketed to children now- what’s going on there?) 3. Compare or contrast yourself and someone close to you, or two people you are familiar with (friends, etc…) What are the main similarities or differences between them? Be careful to use specific, precise language (slang expressions such as ‘laid-back’ are not acceptable). 4. Compare or contrast ideas of beauty in your culture and in the U.S. What are the main similarities or differences between them? Is one concept preferable, in your opinion? Why or why not? 5. Learning to write in a new language is never easy. Give examples of strategies which have helped you improve your English writing and which you think may help others. Please be specific....
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