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Unformatted text preview: In-Class Essay (Exam Practice) Directions: Please choose ONE of the following topics and compose a four-to-five paragraph essay. Be sure to: -PLAN your essay carefully -WRITE in blue or black ink -SKIP lines -EDIT CAREFULLY for grammar and spelling mistakes -TURN IN your essay plan 1. What are the values of your family or religion which have helped you to be successful? Please give specific examples of things your parents taught you and how they have affected your life. 2. Compare OR contrast the college and university system in your country and in the U.S. What are the most important similarities or differences? (food for thought: entrance procedures, curricula, costs, options….) 3. In what ways does marriage or having children affect one’s life? Some things to think about: Finances, responsibilities, personal freedom, emotional fulfillment…. 4. Compare or contrast the ways people eat in your country and in the U.S. Some things to think about: Mealtimes, main foods, table manners, eating in or out, etc…. 5. Discuss an important event in your life or that of your family and describe its effects. Please be specific. ...
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