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MONTGOMERY COLLEGE Business, Science, Mathematics and Technology Division Germantown Campus MG201 – Business Law Spring 2011 Professor Jackie Middleton Office Hours: MW 1:00-3:00 pm Office Phone: 240-567-7742 Tuesday and Thursday by appointment E-Mail: Jacqueline.middleton@montgomerycollege.edu Room: SA225 Department Phone: 240-567-7722 Website : http://www.montgomerycollege.edu/Departments/mgmtgt/ Course Description Information This course will examine the issues and concepts affecting business organizations today. It will explore the numerous areas of business law and how business owners, employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders must be accountable for the ethical actions of business enterprise. It will examine the relationship of business organizations and its many constituencies. The overall focus of this course will be an overview of the overall responsibilities business organizations have to society as a whole by examining some of the major trend and rules and laws for business. Class Information Business Law - spring semester 2011. The course registration number for this class is 30008. The meeting times will be MWF at 9:00-9:50 a.m. in room 165 of the HS Bldg. Course Outcomes The student will be able to describe the historical trends that have developed in the business world. The student will be able to understand and describe how business laws have evolved historically. The student will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the relationship between business organizations and its constituencies and how that relationship impacts on society. The student will analyze the laws of business and apply it to a real world business organization and then demonstrate how the business impacts society. Lastly, the student will be able to research a business organization and identify and demonstrate their knowledge of the historical impact, current day trends, laws and relationship with customer, stakeholders, employees, suppliers and society as a whole. Text: Essential of Business Law McGraw Hill, 7 th Edition 2010. Grading
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JackieMG201SyllSP11 - MONTGOMERY COLLEGE Business, Science,...

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