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FINAL ARGUMENT: Your assignment is to construct a perfect argument. Your goal is to find a topic, choose a position, and support that position flawlessly. You are expected to use all the tools we have discussed this semester in an appropriate way in order to facilitate perfection. Be sure to: Define key terms (Where necessary) Use appropriate appeals to needs (avoid emotion except as example) Use fallacy-free logic Respond to your opponent’s strongest position Anticipate the reader’s thoughts and address their probable questions and concerns
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Unformatted text preview: Use appropriate an adequate evidence Design the proper organization with the correct components (intro – all parts included, body- minor claims, conclusion – etc.) There is no word limit on this assignment but you must create the strongest argument you can create. It may be helpful to argue this topic with someone orally before you submit the final copy. Please include all drafts and rewrite, including outlines in the folder with ALL other major assignments when you submit this paper on or before the day of the final exam!...
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