Right vs Right

Right vs Right - What do you know about it? A simple...

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“What do you know about it?” A simple question my good friend Carter addressed to me back in October 2008. He was concerned and rightly so. His wife of two years, Katie, was having an affair with another man, Gary, whom I unfortunately knew. Thoughts about what I should say next pressed down upon me. Should I tell him the truth? After all, Carter was my platoon mate and we had both served in Iraq together. Although he says that he wants things to work out between him and Katie, would he really forgive her? And what about Gary and Katie? Should I betray their trust? I had some difficult choices to make. Back in 2008, I had known Gary for more than two years; he was a college student, going to San Diego State University. Gary was a good looking fellow, tall, lean and tan, but was shy around the ladies. His shyness restricted him from developing relationships and dating women, and on top of that he was very selective about the women he would ask out. He would often say, “She’s too skinny, too fat, too blond”, when asked why he didn’t go out with a particular woman. I would often hang out with Gary after work and on the weekends. On one of these occasions, I asked Gary to accompany me, Cater and his wife to Six Flags amusement park. Carter and I had become good friends in the military, and when he got married to Katie our friendship didn’t
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Right vs Right - What do you know about it? A simple...

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