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studyguide for final(1)

studyguide for final(1) - transition Safety and security...

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Study Guide for EN 102 Exam: Final EXAM Terms you MUST know: Claim Warrant Fallacy Support Fact Maslow Opinion Claim of fact Hierarchy of Needs Claim of policy Claim of Value Two-Negatives Visual Argument Definition aristotle Stipulation Denotation Hasty Generalization Connotation Negation Ad hominem Examples Appeals to Needs Post hoc Maslow Physiological Needs
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Unformatted text preview: transition Safety and security needs Belonging needs Major Claim Esteem Needs Self-actualization Minor Claim Appeal to emotion Appeal to value Attention getter Backing Preview Postview Things you MUST be able to identify: Warrant Claim Evidence Fallacies Appeal to Needs...
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