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Ali Ahmed. Prof. Aiuto. Antony and Cleopatra : A critical overview Every now and then the world gets to see and hear of some extraordinary individuals. For some reason or another, these individuals captivate people from all corners of the world. One such individual was William Shakespeare. Though he lived 400 years ago, his dramas and writings have immortalized him. He is widely considered to be the best play writer ever to be born. His literature is popular with the young and old, literate and the illiterate, east and west. Time magazine calls him one of the most influential individuals of the last 500 years . To read and analyze each of his pieces of literature, it can easily take an individual a lifetime of study. This paper will look at only one of his works of literature. This critical overview is on one of his more popular piece of work: the tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra. According to most scholars, the play was written some time in 1606-07 and first published around 1623 in the first folio (Antony) . The play consists of four acts. The story centers on the love story of one of Rome’s three leaders, Mark Antony, and the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. As the play evolves, Antony’s political and social duties take the action to Rome, Syria, Actium, Parthia (modern day Iraq), Athens, and to various military camps in Egypt. In short, the lovers are put in locations and situations where they question each other's loyalty and love. The play’s ending is example of how passion, mingled with power, treachery, and misunderstanding, can lead to a tragic end, a reoccurring theme in many of Shakespeare great plays. But let us analyze the play a bit deeper by first looking at some of the more prominent characters of the play.
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Antony : He is portrayed as a fierce and feared soldier who rules the Roman Empire along with Octavius Caesar and Lepidus. When the play opens, Antony has neglected his duties as a
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term paper - Ali Ahmed Prof Aiuto Antony and Cleopatra A...

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