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Linking real-life events to communication concepts…. 1. An African-American man is on trial for shooting two police officers. He used to be a well- known Black Panther activist but converted to Islam and has been running a community mosque for the last 24 years. He has a long, thin, face, a light complexion, and a tendency to wear long robes and veil-type head coverings. His trial is scheduled to start on September 12 th , 2001. His lawyer seeks a continuance (a delay in the start of the trial). Which perceptual phenomena is his lawyer concerned about? Similarity (the defendant will remind the jury of Osama Bin Laden); proximity (the trial is too close to September 11 th ); stereotyping (all Muslims must be terrorists, in the eyes of the jury) 2. When lawyers on both sides of a trial worry that their witnesses or clients will be judged on one act rather than the question before the court (for example, worrying that if a man had an affair, he must have killed his wife, or that a jailhouse informant will be discounted because of his or her history), which perceptual phenomena are the lawyers worried about? Perceptual constancy – if a person is guilty in one context, he must be guilty in another. 3. A. Consider the following events. -A police officer goes to stop a man for speeding – an ordinary traffic stop. -The man does not stop, but decides to lead the police officer on a high-speed chase through the back roads of their rural Iowa district. -The police officer calls for backup, but warns the responding officer not to try heading the
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108policetrial[1] - Linking real-life events to...

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