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A Short Review of Chapter One in the Text 1. You have had a difficult day at work and have a blinding headache. Your significant other is trying to talk to you about something that happened to him or her during the day and ask for advice, but you realize, as the person finishes, that you have not absorbed the situation. Moreover, your partner wants to know why you do not seem to be listening. Questions: Identify the type of communication taking place in this situation. Interpersonal (dyadic)/ Verbal and non-verbal Identify the source(s) of the messages. Both Identify the receiver(s) of the messages. Both Identify communication noise in this situation. Headache, stress How does your partner probably get the impression that you are not listening while he or she is talking? (you will need to infer some things here and think about feedback - what kind are you providing that gives that impression?) Squinting, rubbing temples, not making enough eye contact, not making enough ‘listening noises’, slumping in chair…. 2.
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A_Short_Review_of_Chapter_One_in_the_Text[1] - A Short...

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