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Answers for Groups and Leadership Worksheet 1. Reward power: Teachers – they can give extra points and good grades; parents – they can give you special presents or praise for good behavior or achievement; bosses – promotions, bonuses, etc…spouses and significant others; military officers Punishment power: teachers – they can keep you inside or send you to time out; parents – they can ground you, beat you, take away privileges…; bosses – probation, no bonuses; spouses and significant others; military officers Coercion – sexual harassment; abuse of legitimate law enforcement or other reward/punishment power; bullies; blackmailers; abuse of corporate power Referent power: CEO’s; president; religious leaders; parents; coaches; pro athletes; rock
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Unformatted text preview: stars (these last two could be damaging) Expert power: teachers, consultants, lawyers, military officers, people with personal experience 2. Autocratic leadership: Military 3. Primary group: family and friends. Secondary group: work group – teachers talking about credit. Emergent: alumni 4. Norms: Dress code in work and school ; obey the rules, try your best, show up for practice in sports teams; appropriate speech for group; who pays when groups go out 5. Roles: In our class, more maintenance folks than task folks. 6. Problem question: Fact question: Is there really a problem? If so, what is it? Value question: Is it important to our community to investigate this? Policy question: What steps should we take to investigate and solve this?...
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