Kinesics - bumper stickers sculptures and pottery from different nations hat with ‘Iraq War Veteran’ Flags from all countries and map of globe

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Kinesics: Classmates walking in groups, pointing things out. Lifeguard spinning whistle. Gestures of woman on phone. Proxemics: Women sitting close talking. Space barriers to maintain distance in offices. Illustrators and Emblems: ( A subset of kinesics ); hand gestures of woman on phone. Waving (emblem) ; ‘OK’ sign as response to order. Tactile Communication: children touching each other to count; teacher touching children to get their attention. Objectics (artifacts): Things people have hanging in car windows;
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Unformatted text preview: bumper stickers; sculptures and pottery from different nations; hat with ‘Iraq War Veteran’. Flags from all countries and map of globe including student countries of MC. Cartoons and dog pictures on professors’ doors. Uniforms of college workers. Tee-shirts. Barriers to closeness; security badges. Paralinguistic features: Loud voice when arguing; children shrieking with excitement. Soft voice and higher pitch when talking to kids....
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