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PAPA JOBE Social Institution of Religion Social institutions play a very important role in the social structure of society. Even before birth, social institutions have been established to ensure the survival of society. In the simplest terms as stated in the textbook, “ social institutions establish a set of norms in an organized fashion in order to meet the basic needs of society for survival” (101). The nine social institutions that exist in society include family, education, religion, law, politics, science, military, economics, and mass media. As a member of the BAPS religious group, the analysis of a micro-sociological and macro-sociological perspective is important to understand how the social institution of religion has primarily influenced my behavior and attitudes in my life. [And the BAPS religious group is…It need a brief description for the uninitiated.] Since the micro-sociological perspective focuses on face-to-face social interactions to examine different areas of social life, I will discuss how the concepts of symbolic interaction, Dramaturgy, ethno-methodology, and the social construction of reality function to shape behavior and attitudes in the social institution of religion. The symbolic interaction theory is the way we learn to interpret and give meaning to the world through interactions with others by the use of symbols. For example, bowing down and touching the feet of elderly is a symbol of respect for the opposite person, and it is done at all family and holiday events. Goffman’s concept of Dramaturgical analysis is the study of social interaction that compares everyday life to a drama or stage play. An example of Dramaturgy occurs when a discourse is given by the lead priest at
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SO 101 - PAPA JOBE Social Institution of Religion Social...

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