Crim Justice Test 1 Review

Crim Justice Test 1 Review - SOC 1003 Intro to Criminal...

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Dr. Schwartz Test 1 Review Test 1 will be primarily multiple choice, with maybe the odd true/false question; however, there will be short answer/brief essay questions as well. DISCLAIMER : This test review is intended to be supplemental to the class lectures and required readings. It is NOT all inclusive and should not be the only material used to prepare for the test. Not all materials on the test will be on the review sheet, and certainly not everything on the review sheet will show up on the test. However, if you want to test yourself, this might be a good start. Key terms: Social control Substantive criminal law Procedural criminal law Civil law Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Index crimes NonIndex crimes Part I crimes Part II crimes Misdemeanor Felony Actus Reus Mens Rea Crime myth Adversarial model Consensual model Labeling theory Social bonding theory Social ecology Rational choice theory Duress Formal social control Informal social control Courtroom work group Self report surveys Entrapment Cyber crimes Phishing Identity theft Order maintenance Proactive policing Deterrent effect Broken windows model Neighborhood-oriented policing (NOP) Problem-oriented policing Hot spots of crime Internal affairs Strict liability crimes M’Naghten Rule National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) Important information: Know the difference between Criminal Justice and Criminology. Is crime a recent development?
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Crim Justice Test 1 Review - SOC 1003 Intro to Criminal...

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