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PAPER ASSIGNMENT #1 Due in class, October 12, 2005 USING THE CONCEPT OF POWER IN EVERYDAY LIFE This assignment requires that you be an anthropological observer of everyday life, drawing on data from situations in which you were present. You may write about a situation in which you were a passive observer (e.g. , reporting on a meeting you attended but in which you did not directly participate or a conversation you observed), or you may analyze a situation in which you assumed an active role (e.g. , discussing with your friends what to do on a Friday night). If you write about a situation in which you yourself were strongly affected, you should include all of the “other” participants' resources that made them powerful, and all of the variables that made you receptive to power at that time (or vice versa). There is no requirement for personal disclosures. You choose the setting and interaction. This assignment requires not only that you be an an anthropological observer but that you also develop the skills of the
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