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September 13, 2004 Group violence 1804 – Haiti achieved independence (the first black nation) from the French Haitian middle class of this era was made of up those of mixed race 1791 – in northern Haiti, the slaves met secretly and orchestrated a coup in which they killed their masters and staged a revolution 1802-1803 – Napoleon sent in forces but was defeated What unites a group? A crowd creates a permissive environment. Local movements coalesce together. The majority feels victimized by their target. Theory of Exchange create solidarity between groups, persons, nations power to give and withhold social aspect robbed from industrial societies and thus people feel alienated
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Unformatted text preview: currency is [in]tangible and [value] is divorced from the actual object an example of exchange: North American Indian potlatch ceremonies rape steal/destroy the status of the other harken images of daughter exchanges in tribes (women + goods = potential unity) symbolic value attached to gender liminality state of being between states of being spontaneous states that erupts and diverges from everyday behavior does not fit into normal boundaries example of crowd violence: normally condemned behavior is deemed okay - the crowd disassociates its experience from feelings of guilt...
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