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November 3, 2004 Continued discussion from November 1, 2004. Readings included Seifert’s “War and Rape: A Preliminary Analysis,” and Rhonda Copelon’s “Surfacing Gender: Reconceptualizing Crimes against Women in Time of War,” both in Mass Rape: The War against Women in Bosnia-Herzegovina . Also Erica James’ “ ‘Political Cleansing’ in Haiti – 1991-1994: Gender, Sexuality, Political Violence and “Truth,’” and Dubravka Zarkov’s “The Body of the Other Man: Sexual Violence and the Construction of Masculinity, Sexuality and Ethnicity in Croatian Media,” in Victims, Perpetrators of Actors?: Gender, Armed Conflict and Political Violence. Is the person acting as individual or as part of an institution? There is a symbolic desire fundamental to rape. An understanding of rape cannot disregard ‘desire’ in the name of sex crimes solely for power. Everyday ‘common’ rape is torture just the same. Zarkov discusses how the representation of violence in the media is used to identify group membership
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