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Power: Interpersonal, Organizational, and Global Dimensions Wednesday, 7 September 2005 General discursive introduction: conceptions of power vary, apparent in popular and political culture. 30-40 years ago power was confined to the State during the last 25 years, discussions of power are in almost all aspects of life e.g. op-ed article, “The Power Suntan” by Russell Baker metaphor of sun tan as symbol of social power and prestige because a fresh tan means an August vacation. August vacations are more expensive, and those who can afford them are therefore more powerful money = power as part of American culture embedded cultural cues in the article pigmentocracy reversed: the darker are socially higher now makes fun and reveals prejudice/insensitivity to appearances as signs of power resources for power are historically and culturally specific , meaning they are confined to specific locations, groups, and times fashion as power status uniform as an indication of status (status = position in hierarchy) the uniform is amalgam of values, assets, and cultural capital, the signs and symbols that circulate e.g. JP Morgan vs. Google – a suit and tie vs. jeans and a baseball hat – encodes values inherent to the particular subcultures associated with each firm * status and hierarchy are not necessarily analogous * position is not necessarily coterminous with power exercised Frances Bacon: Knowledge is power. Lord Acton:
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2005_09_07_sss - Power Interpersonal Organizational and...

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