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Culture, Embodiment, and the Senses Thursday, 15 September 2005 What kind of observation counts as knowledge? Hippocrates emphasized the ethical/therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient. Galen was a philosopher, physician and medical scientist – general “Renaissance” man. He revolutionized medicine, using dissection to understand anatomy. The idea of the “organ system” developed, and healing strategies like bleeding emerged as sister ideas. Perspective determines certain truths, but on a deeper level, the way we exist in the body is different in different time periods and across cultures . We must as the question, is this the same body? Foucault argued that discipline matured from a visible government to self-discipline, evidenced by changes in the State, use of surveillance, cataloging, and changes in bureaucracy. *Are we going to be aware of more microscopic levels of experience ? There is a difference between acknowledging a physical sensation of pain and asking one's self if such-and-such-
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