2005_10_06rev - Culture Embodiment and the Senses Thursday...

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Culture, Embodiment, and the Senses Thursday, 06 October 2005 Reading Rudolf Otto, “On Numinous Experience as Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans, ” in Experience of the Sacred: Readings in the Phenomenology of Religion , pp. 77-85. Sigmund Freud, “The Uncanny,” pp. 123-162. William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience , ch. 3, ‘The Reality of the Unseen,” pp. 59-77. The rise of rationalist science coincided with colonial expansion. Do members of primitive societies have the capacity to reason? Is there a biological difference? Tyler says cultures is a complex whole [of knowledge, beliefs, customs, etc.] acquired by man in society. But he doesn’t discuss power. Culture is not static, not a fixed reified thing. His theories do posit that humans have equal intellectual capacity that develops at different rates over a linear track . The cultures of primitives and of the lower European classes were considered a lower evolutionary state. These lower classes were evidence of origins . The subordinate status of women and children was often likened to that primitives/savages. Stanley Tambiah analyzed Tyler, explaining how Tyler did not emphasize the sense but instead mental capacity. How do individuals adapt to the environment? What technologies develop? Ontology recapitulates phylogeny.
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2005_10_06rev - Culture Embodiment and the Senses Thursday...

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