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Power: Interpersonal, Organizational, and Global Dimensions Monday, 12 November 2005 TOPIC: Conclusion on postmodernism/ postmodernity, class discussion. post-modernism = style/fashion in art, architecture, design post-modernity = social formation, particular organization of social relations where we have interconnections, connections across time and space, distances in time/space have been collapsed because of technological changes that have produced certain cultural/social conditions post-structuralism = [social] theories of knowledge that challenge notions of essential causes of determinacy and often argue for relativism, conditional knowledge (under specified conditions), may lead to a kind of nihilism (inability to determine a truth) Post-structuralism is a reflection on the condition of post-modernity. In post-modernity, distances can also be created , e.g. we are distanced from what we know/experience such that we get signs, messages, and language that gets excerpted out of everyday life, out of the lived/grounded necessities of our own lives. When we talk about technology, we get this notion of perfectibility , of possibilities. But we have this disconnect between what is probable from what is possible . In the collapsing of distances, we get circulation of signs, messages, and people. Because or extensive and rapid circulation, because of technological capacity –we get this disconnect from lived experience. perfectibility/possibility = signs, messages, language probability = lived, grounded necessities What is the connection between that which circulates and that which governs
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2005_12_12_sss - Power: Interpersonal, Organizational, and...

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