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21A230; SP 456: THE CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN FAMILY FIRST WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Write an autobiographical account dealing with one, two, or three issues addressed in this course as they pertain to your own family. Your discussion should have some personal elements (e.g., how did you feel at 14 years of age when your mother gave birth to another child?) and some analytical elements. Even though you aren’t an expert on American families, you are an expert about your own family, and so, in anthropological terms, you can be both an informant providing information and an anthropologist who analyzes it. First provide information about your family, and then put on your anthropologist hat and analyze this information. Presumably you have already thought about your own family and how it compares to other families. Try to do this more systematically in the assignment. For example, how did the divorce in your family resemble or differ from your understanding of divorce patterns in general?
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