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class # 21: gender and citizenship today I want to expand the parameters of our analysis to think about how nationalism and the interests of state governments help to construct gender, make sexuality meaningful in particular ways juxtapose two articles by anthropologist Rhoda Kanaaneh (who grew up in a Palestinian family in Israel) 1) “Boys or Men?” — discusses how masculinity is informed by state citizenship, nationalism; there’s a common analysis of the militarization of masculinity BUT the case of Palestinian Israelis presents interesting complication — here, where there’s popular opposition to the state, a critique of state collaborators (Arab soldiers volunteering to serve in the Israeli army) is carried out in a gendered idiom — militarism does not represent a valued masculinity 2) in previous work, culminating in Birthing the Nation (2002), Kanaaneh presents an analysis, again from case study of Palestinian Israelis, of how state interests concerning population issues have been forwarded through the control of women’s bodies, through regulating their sexuality and reproductive capacity — a case of population policy being played out through reproductive politics (we’ll see another example next week, Greece) let me talk generally, and then get into specifics of case of Arab citizens of Israel first, what do I mean by gendered citizenship? citizenship entails the rights and obligations of a member of a nation in return for protection by a state what those rights/obligations have been has historically been marked by gender example of gendered difference in citizenship? suffrage — women got vote in US in 1920
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gender_citizen - class 21 gender and citizenship today I...

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