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Oct. 7, 2009 9 Study Questions on Culture: Definitions Read: Ara Wilson, American catalogues of Asian brides Nagel, Constructing culture, 43-54, Deconstructing ethnicity, 60-72 Handler, On having a culture: nationalism and the preservation of Quebec’s patrimoine 1. Why do you think Wilson’s piece is included in today’s topic on culture? 2. List all of the ways power reveals itself in these catalogues. 3. Wilson says that the catalogues are texts we might use for investigating culture. How would we have to define culture if we’re going to do such an investigation? 4. Wilson says that Frantz Fanon suggests that the attraction of one race for another “manifests racial inequality and hostility or domination” (p. 123). Argue in favor of this proposition. Against it. 5. Under what circumstances is it all right for an individual or a group to appropriate symbols, images, designs, and the like from another culture (including material objects like antiquities)? Relate Simon Harrison’s (Sept. 28) argument to this discussion. Provide one or more examples of symbols/images/practices that should not be appropriated, in your opinion. 6. How should the American flag be displayed? Are there any kinds of display that should be prohibited? Display of the flag changed greatly following 9/11; why, do you suppose? 7. “Habitus thus provides a structure for thinking that can be challenged in situations of social flux, where assumptions become problematic” (Nagel p. 45). Discuss, providing one example. 8.
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MIT21A_226F09_q09 - Oct. 7, 2009 9 Study Questions on...

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