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Nov. 4, 2009 Study Questions on Ong and Kahn 1. Ong says that other scholars view Islamic revivalism in Malaysia as an anti-government strategy of the politically marginalized. How does she view it? 2. Ong mentions Foucault’s notion of “bio-power.” What is this? 3. What was the purpose of state intervention in Malay peasant society under the 1972 New Economic Policy? 4. Describe the ethnic composition and sources of conflict in Malaysia. 5. Compare the state policies toward the intimate side of life (domestic, sexuality, etc.) developed in Malaysia discussed by Ong to one or two of the colonial policies described by Stoler. 6. Ong describes “state-making” in Malaysia in familiar terms—echoes from Eriksen and other writers. Describe the relationship between Malaysian “state-making” and Malaysian nation-building. 7. Describe the Malay village’s conception of gender differentiation. 8. How did these customs and values change with the Islamic revival? 9. Describe reactions to the state’s contraception programs. 10.` What are “urban free trade zones?” Describe the Malaysian situation. 11. Summarize how the NEP programs unintentionally undermined the source of customary male power and greatly contributed to a crisis of national identity. 12.
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MIT21A_226F09_q17 - Nov 4 2009 Study Questions on Ong and...

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