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ORIE 473 — Final Exam May 16, 2006, 9 – 11:30, Uris Hall Auditorium Professor David Ruppert This exam is closed book. You may use 5 sheets (10 pages) of notes. Time yourself carefully. Do the problems first that you find easiest. You do not need to complete all numerical calculations. For example, an answer in the form (0.1)(157) + (0.9)(123) would be just as acceptable as 126.4. Let Φ be the standard normal cumulative distribution function. You can leave answers in terms of Φ or Φ - 1 . You may keep this exam. Just turn in your blue book. In- dicate on the cover of each blue book you use which problems are contained inside and in what order. You will get two points extra credit if you follow this and all other in- structions about the exam. The point value of each subquestion is in square brackets, for example, [10]. Good luck. 1. An investor purchases 100 shares of Stock A sell- ing at $230/share and 200 shares of Stock B selling at $12/share. After one year, Stock A is selling at $250/share and Stock B is selling at $15/share. These
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