sexual_violence - sexual violence lets start with article...

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sexual violence let’s start with article by Lori Heise, who is writing about the pervasiveness of sexual violence against women and children, “gender-based violence” first, she argues for the importance of statistical research, making visible such incidences and it is endemic — especially wife abuse/partner abuse (also incest, child sexual abuse) b/w 1-5 to 1-7 women in US will be subject to “complete” rape in lifetime — obviously begging Q of definition — but still! repercussions for family planning/contraceptive promotion HIV-AIDS prevention when condoms are targeted at women, often assumed their “choice” to insist men use them, BUT… Greece and elsewhere, condoms — old technology — associated w/ prostitution and extramarital affairs: to insist on a man using them w/in marriage is read as either questioning his fidelity or acknowledging woman’s infidelity (why else need for safe sex in marriage?) — often leads to violence, but even the perception of threat of violence has kept women from raising issue w/husbands. [more later] that said, Heise acknowledges hazards of exposing the reality of violence, the pervasiveness of gender-based sexual violence — what are these? (p. 423)
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sexual_violence - sexual violence lets start with article...

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