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May, 2004 21A230; SP 456J: THE CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN FAMILY Study Questions for Exam 1. Relate the literature we have read on the African-American family to the “family values” debate. Include Coontz, Stack, Gutman, Sudarkasa, plus two of the following: Collins, Edin, Kaplan, Rubin, Taylor, Luker, and Newman. 2. What are the major functions of the family in American society at present? Which of these were filled in the past by other institutions, and which can be provided only by the family? Discuss six articles or books, including Skolnick (“life course”) and Coontz. 3. Compare and contrast middle-class and working-class families. Discuss work, priorities, values, expectations. You must discuss Coontz, Rubin, Newman, Hayes, and Fuchs Epstein et al. 4. Discuss the literature we have read on dual-provider families. What changes in society led to the increase in numbers of mothers with young children working outside the home? What impact has this shift had on childrearing? Include Hayes, Hochschild, Gerson and Jacobs, Coontz, and two of the following: Cowan and Cowan, Hertz, Galinsky, Fuchs Epstein et al., Coltrane and Adams. 5. Define the word “family.” Using six readings, discuss why you would include or exclude within your definition: single-parent families, communes, group marriage, voluntarily childless marriages, homosexual marriage, cohabiting couples, and single people living alone (including the elderly). How does your definition reflect your attitudes toward the status of the American family at present? 6. What, in your opinion, are the most serious stresses on the nuclear family of the late 20 th century? Discuss six readings relevant to your argument. 7. What are the main demographic changes (family size, age at marriage, family structure, fertility rates, mortality rates, and so on) that have taken place in the family in the last 300 years? What do these changes say about the future of the American family? You must discuss Skolnick and Skolnick (Introduction), Giddens, Hareven, Morgan, Hernandez, and Coontz . Gold stars if you discuss Cott, Welter, and Hutter (“Immigrant Families”). 8.
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studyquesforfin - May, 2004 21A230; SP 456J: THE...

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