transgender - transgender let's start with a question that...

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transgender let’s start with a question that Anick Prieur asked: what aspects of gender/sexuality are problematized ” in a society — particularly meaningful and therefore most under surveillance, scrutiny, critical observation — morally laden, and thus either hidden or carefully performed? the term comes from Michel Foucault, French social theorist discussed on pp. 126-27 Foucault wrote about ancient Greeks (Socrates, Plato), arguing that for them sexual desire or preference (in men) was matter of taste (like wine or beer) — taste preference (for women or men) was not problematized, not “an issue” — wouldn’t get on Jerry Springer, wouldn’t occur to someone to think it was important to understand the origin or source of homosexual desire — it would be like asking what is the Origin of a preference for Coke versus Pepsi? would such a study be funded? of course not. who cares? what was problematized for the ancient Greeks was the amount of sex (moderation in all things) someone had and whether they took the active/passive position (a problem only for men) according to Prieur, in contemporary working class urban Mexico, what’s problematized? similarly, manhood , machismo (includes not only virility, often conflated with fertility, but also ability to provide for a family) — exaggerated, flaunted — also fear of losing it:
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transgender - transgender let's start with a question that...

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