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2_3_05_460j_rev - 21A.460 Race Religion and Medicine in the...

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21A.460 – Race, Religion, and Medicine in the African Diaspora Spring 2005 Professor E. C. James 3, February, 2005 Lecture 1 Things to consider in this class: Vocabulary – how words, terms, and concepts convey notions of thought Post-structuralism The ways societies are reproduced over time Historical background for the course: Towards the end of the 18 th century, there was a shift in attention from population Governmentality (technologies) Focus on the ‘security of the state’ Michel Foucault (1936-1984) Concerned with: Spatial geography, mentally ill, sexuality, technologies used to ‘create’ subjects State specializes functions, identifies subjects The “mad”: previously, government confined those considered “other” as a matter of state security Individuals to populations, questions of security and productivity of citizens Government interest shifts from discourse on confining the “others” in society to discourse on possible methods to make them more “productive” Body becomes a ‘site of power’ through which the government can exert power and influence How does power shape society? State control over violence Foucault: “Discipline and Punish” Historically, the power of government was displayed publicly as a means to maintain order and control among the population
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