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21A.460/SP.620 – Medicine, Religion, and Politics in Africa and the African Diaspora February 15, 2005 Johannes Fabian: Out of Our Minds, 2000. Analyzing myth of exploring, adventuring, and understanding across cultures Background 1987: University of Chicago; Professor Chair of Cultural Anthropology in Amsterdam Focuses on history of Anthropology Book Outlines the elements taken into consideration in explorers’ accounts of their travels in Africa Explorers were engaged in scientific investigation based on subjective measures of time – they were biased and unscientific in methodology and analysis Issues with hygiene could have affected their methods: fever, dysentery, melancholia seriously affected explorers. o Issues of hygiene not just limited to issues of physical cleanliness. Hygiene also considered a set of practices of body and mind, represents cultural values The realities of travel made exchange of food, other goods a part of the process of making science Explorers had issues with nostalgia/melancholia that strongly influenced how they interpreted their surroundings They also had superiority complexes that gave them preconceived notions and affected their methodology in interacting with ‘natives’ Science values putting forth a method to study phenomena objectively, but Fabian is arguing that what the explorers did did not follow true science Explorers had assumption that Europeans only have civilization
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2_15_05_460j_rev - 21A.460/SP.620 Medicine, Religion, and...

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