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21A.460J – Medicine, Politics, and Religion in Africa and the African Diaspora March 17, 2005 Review Ideas about nation, progress, modernity, in relationship to ideas of citizenship In Brazil: the Tropicalistas were concerned with how to expand the role of medicine in society o Was part of effort to show that their science was equivalent to that practiced in American, Europe, etc. o Science became a status tool, and the extent of its widespread adoption signs of progress, or ‘modernity’ Brazil Concerns about hygiene in Brazil: notions of tropical hygiene correlated with ideas of whether or not people in a certain region were capable of industrializing Tropicalistas targeted the family as sites of power to exert authority through the practice of medicine. In particular, they focused on lower class Brazilian families This was written about the historical period between the1860s-1890s Brazil at that time was moving away from colonialism, but still retained strong hierarchies and social systems from colonial era Gradually changing from slave population to citizenship state Tropicalistas dealt with the problem of how to integrate and categorize the populations with the rest of the social hierarchy
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3_17_05460jrev - 21A.460J Medicine Politics and Religion in...

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