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3/29/05 Witchcraft, Oracles, and Magic among the Azande How the Azande concerns for witchcraft, sorcery, etc., do not reflect logical capacity of Africans compared to Europeans. Need to look at with relative perspective. No, we’re not dealing with new species, but can understand these logics. (But these beliefs are still wrong) John Janzen: Illness, Healing, kinship relationships Background: Research in lower Zaire Same field area as Fabian, Nancy Rose Hunt How project of exploration is one that ‘created history’ Mapped territories, etc. and how they perceived fetishism, religious beliefs carries from first readings How knowledge is created reflects culture. Explorers need to try and cultivate state of ‘ecstasis’ Keep context in mind – King Leopold had complete control, sought to exploit resources, forced inhabitants to various forms of labor How did forms of knowledge and created ideas influenced policies and political thought Belgians not reproducing enough, so policies were concerned with keeping birthrate, social hygiene, ‘health of the family’ Simultaneously, Congolese population decreasing rapidly, so colonial policies tried to keep rates up so labor force would not decrease Rose Hunt, story more than anthropology: there has to be more personal engagement, more personal involvement, knowledge can’t be created from a distance Those promoting reproductive policies tried to co-opt natives to spread reproductive policies Through these books we see how different people are writing about these experiences, how knowledge is being created, their methodologies, preconceived beliefs that carried over into how they interacted with natives and the knowledge created Power errs on side of colonists, but there is attempt to bring natives into western rationality, coopt their support Evans-Pritchard: trying to see it from their point of view Janzen: going even further than other books to discuss methodology of how we can know others across cultural and other boundaries:
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3_29_05_460j_rev - 21A.460J Medicine Religion and Politics...

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