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21A.460 April 7, 2005 End of Janzen Last two chapters: more explicit to show cultural institutions versus political institutions, such as legal or political systems, and their effects on illness How aspects of family get involved in issues of illness How social structures can cause people to get sick – how everything is linked to either the manifestation, interpretation, or healing of sickness Do you think that certain social structures can cause illness? There are certain contradictions in every social system, i.e. matrilineal components within a patrilineal society. However, dominant system (i.e. patrilineal system) has the power to control and define identity. The only way a person can resolve tensions in identity and to resolve contradictions is to go and train with another cult to gain status and power from affiliation with another social system. This serves as a means to gain power by escaping from the tensions of one particular social system Are problems problematic? For example, women's bodies, eating disorders, social conflicts, social flux (i.e. Zaire), religious tension. Why are these issues problematic? What is implicated in considering a particular issue a 'social problem'? Chapter 9 Traditional sources and the authority of lineage Describes historical and political shifts and how they impinged upon the body, causing conflicts manifested as illness Chapter 10 Idea of person (nganga) and ideas about cosmology What perspective of person is presented in this narrative, and how is it related
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4_7_05_460j_rev - 21A.460 April 7, 2005 End of Janzen Last...

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