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21A.460 April 26, 2005 Movie: Of Men and Gods Haitian gay men Cultural representations of religion, sexuality, identity Also discusses AIDS epidemic as an issue in Haitian gay community Presentation: Brodwin, pages 1-55 (Introduction, Chs. 1-3) About Paul Brodwin: 1991 PhD at Harvard (Anthropology) University of Wisconsin – professor of anthropology, bioethics, AIDS, and behavioral sciences Research: National Institutes of Mental Health Postdoc research training at Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, McGill Universities Has published three books, numerous articles Ethnographic focus on everyday constructions of morality, illness 2002 – researching ethnicity, identity after Human Genome Project Did work for Haitian diasporic community Medicine and Morality in Haiti: Introduction Presents outline of future chapters Presents thesis on how discourses about illness reflect local Haitian cultural constructions of illness and morality Describes different forms of religions in Haiti: o Christian (Protestant, Catholic), Vodou o Syncretic religions often have conflicting, but also overlapping regions (i.e., Catholic saints mapped onto Vodou spirits) ± Using to disguise worship of traditional spirits? ± Vodou has ontological realities in Haitian culture, which permeate boundaries even of religion Individuals assert their own moral status by choosing which form of religion to practice Discusses methodology used in future chapters (interviews, active observation of herbal healers) Chapter 1: Describes cultural organization of healing practices Asserts different moral ideologies about people Compare Brodwin, Janzen’s definition of medical pluralism Chapter 2: History of medical pluralism in Haiti Why does he need to address this topic? There are a variety of medical practices available to individuals at all levels of society, each with its own 1
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4_26_05_460j_rev - 21A.460 April 26, 2005 Movie: Of Men and...

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