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21A.460 – Medicine, Religion, and Politics in Africa and the African Diaspora May 5, 2005 Roles of stereotypes in ethnography Could have had more ethnographic material What happens when countries are in distress? How to address trauma across cultural boundaries in times of upheaval? How can we address structural effects on a person’s consciousness? How to assess the state of an individual in disordered societies? Discussion of Reading Manga (case in reading) – unwed mother, causing problems in family. Shot by family during apartheid. Did psychological analysis postmortem, family did not receive aid because she was considered unstable. Consider how to think about mental health in wider scope In diagnostic actions, people relive traumatic events Clinicians were faced with a challenge in determining what is relevant in biomedical framework. With diagnosis of PTSD, patients are relieved of responsibility for actions o Only thing considered outside person is cause o Everything else is located inside o How external events affect person internally o PTSD is still controversial, and not all agree to its designation Biomedicine was deeply involved in supporting apartheid policies In this context, what relevance does psychiatry have? In situations of war and violence, should health professionals stay neutral? o In facing people with disorders, hard to stay neutral o What happens if clinicians are guided by stereotypes? o
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5_5_05_460j_rev - 21A.460 Medicine, Religion, and Politics...

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