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21A.340J/STS.075J Technology and Culture Professor Stefan Helmreich Lecture 5: Technologies of Death THEME 1: BIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY What cultural effects and risks follow from treating biology as technology? Today, we’re looking at technological DAMAGE to BIOLOGY, at RADIATION and its ADMINISTRATION. Terms we want to think about today, to add to the list we began compiling last time: BIOPOWER DISEASE/ILLNESS RISK I asked you last time to write up in your own words a definition of BIOPOWER Let me try to bring this together and tell you about the theoretical concept of biopower, which comes from historian Michel Foucault in HISTORY OF SEXUALITY FOUCAULT on BIOPOWER In the nineteenth century, with the rise of the modern, secular, nation-state in Europe — think of France and the French Revolution — sovereign, governmental power came to be exercised PRODUCTIVELY — though the use of census, statistics. programs of social welfare to cultivate the GROWTH of particular parts of a nation’s POPULATION. Foucault writes that a new kind of POWER was in the making, “a power bent on generating
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5_death - 21A.340J/STS.075J Technology and Culture...

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