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21A.340J/STS.075J Technology and Culture Professor Stefan Helmreich Lecture 10: Infrastructure, Part I THEME 3: TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND SOCIAL FORMS We’re continuing our discussion of INFRASTRUCTURE by looking today at the creation of the Internet as a backbone for computer communication — which as the Stephenson “Hacker Tourist” piece shows you actually involves getting wires under the sea. Computers are linked to one another with cables, wires, and signals. We’re talking here about the construction of networks, not just their mapping. We want to think about infrastructures that allow us to navigate cyberspace. Puzzling through infrastructure will help with your papers . Internet Infrastructure Edwards, Paul. 1998. Y2K: Millennial Reflections on Computers as Infrastructure. History & Technology 15:7-29. Does anyone remember Y2K? “Computers have become, as it were, the infrastructure of our infrastructures” Edwards reaches back to the history of lighting
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  • Fall '06
  • UteMetaBauer
  • Computer network, Professor Stefan Helmreich, Culture Professor Stefan, Internet Infrastructure Edwards

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