alcohol_cultures - the victim In South Africa farmers...

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Alcohol II Lecture 1) Functionalism – seeks rational purpose of alcohol consumption: social integration self-medication of anxiety Problems with functionalism: how to disprove such an interpretation? How to account for cultural differences around alcohol – all functional? How to illuminate & critique irrational behavior around alcohol? Why does dysfunctional behavior survive? If behavior is functional, how why does it change? 2) Brazilian case : Does Leacock believe cult dancers are possessed when drink alcohol? How would he write differently if did? How does Encantado cure alcoholics? Is it like AA?
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3) Native American case : alcoholism = social, not solitary What keeps them drinking, even though they say it’s dysfunctional behavior? Biological v social explanations for Native American alcoholism (Genes v social anomie due to colonialism) Do we hold Native Americans responsible, or is this blaming
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Unformatted text preview: the victim? In South Africa farmers deliberately addicted workers to alcohol to control them (Scully) “Balanced reciprocity” – alcohol as medium of exchange and solidarity for poor Native Americans Carol Stack (“All Our Kin”) argues poor share (money, alcohol). To accumulate wealth, give up alcohol, have to withdraw from network McKnight & Australian aboriginee case: Introduction of alcohol corresponds to radical social collapse: Suicide Homicide Rapes Petty crime Indebtedness McKnight wants to ban alcohol. Feasible? Like Erdrich’s rage over FAS & desire to incarcerate pregnant women who drink 4) Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Why does it work? Why do American want to think alcoholism is “disease”? Note alcoholism in Japan: Very gendered Women as enablers alcohol differently integrated to society To question alcohol patterns is to question society...
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alcohol_cultures - the victim In South Africa farmers...

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