alcohol_us - Capitalism) & restructuring of...

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Alcohol 1) Lender and Martin: “Neorepublican.” -- America as model of virtue 2) Drugs & feared immigrants: alcohol & Irish opium & Chinese marijuana & Mexicans Can lead to affirmative negative identity formation: embrace what stigmatizes the group: * alcohol & Irish * blacks and “bad” * gays & “queer.” 3) Substory about alcohol & capitalism: early capitalism moves women into domestic role o women in vanguard of temperance movement need for thrift & discipline: build savings & disciplined workforce o alcohol consumption undermined both E.P. Thompson (“Time, Work Discipline and Industrial
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Unformatted text preview: Capitalism) & restructuring of time o Coffee as preferred drug of bourgeoisie then worries about industrial safety o drunk workers & machinery dont mix major industrialists support Prohibition (1920) o Ford, Carnegie etc later capitalism (Ford et al now favored repeal): o jobs in alcohol production o tax revenue from alcohol sales o emphasis on consumption more than production 4) Protestant Temperance movement v Catholicism 5) Alcohol & emergence of new social identities: German beer drinkers Irish whisky drinkers Teetotalers Washingtonians & AA members MADD...
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alcohol_us - Capitalism) & restructuring of...

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