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(3/16/04) (continued) Very sincere, earnest film. Used Indian actors. Tried not to idealize or mythologize, but still angered Native Americans, including actors in film. Line from histories through novel to film. Bryan Moore, novelist, read essay by Graham Green, went to history by Francis Parkman, who was quite anti-Indian and anti-Iroquois. Then to the Relations. Wrote novel. Bruce Beresford, Australian director, made into film. Toned down in places, but still very harsh. What can you see in film that comes from the Relations? "These are our fathers." Admonition about how will have to stay up with Indians etc. Father Laforgue patterned on specific Jesuit. Smokey hut, other difficult conditions. Sorcerer enemies, even specific dwarf sorcerer, his name (though comes from another enemy of Jesuits, not the dwarf). Long journey westward (which film drastically simplifies). Capture by Iroquois, even detail of priest coming out of hiding. Torture of priest. Politics of baptism. How does the film depart from the Relations?
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