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17.55, Introduction to Latin American Studies, Fall 2006 Prof. Chappell Lawson Session 1: Introduction and Pop Quiz We cover a lot of ground in this class – should really help you broaden your knowledge. It’s supposed to be an introduction to the region, but it’s been taught by people in the Political Science department for three years, so it’s got that flavor. Here’s the schedule: o First, we talk about history. Got to start from the Conquest; from colonialism and its legacies ± These include both ethnically stratified, unequal societies, plus the racial demographics we see today o During this period, we’re reading a famous novel about Chile; optional showing of Hollywood movie version of book o Then we turn to economic development. Also talk about economic reform. o We move specifically into Chile, and spend three weeks there: democracy, how it fell apart, and how it after long and brutal dictatorship became democratic again. ± Allows us to look at democracy and democratic consolidation better. ± Great readings, great films… ± Note that the film Battle of Chile is VERY long, so plan accordingly; we won’t have recitation the next week to make up for it o Somewhere in here you have your spring break. o Religion week: Catholicism has been culturally and spiritually dominant; but syncretic; now Protestantism is changing the face of Latin America o Revolutions: Since Cuban 1959 Revolution, most countries in L.A. have had
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ses01_intro - 17.55, Introduction to Latin American...

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