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17.55, Introduction to Latin American Studies, Fall 2006 Prof. Chappell Lawson Session 5: Race History of slave trade and slavery Brazilian claims to be a “racial democracy” o Pretense o Practice Different conceptions of race in the United States and Brazil o Analogue vs. digital The ways in which race and ethnicity actually matter o Marriage patterns (Brazil) o SES o Access to government services o Social standing (expressions in Brazil, Melissa’s stories from Brazil)
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Unformatted text preview: • Primordialism vs. constructivism (always socially constructed) • Genotype vs. phenotype • Hard to organize around race? Use of the materials should be cited as follows: Chappell Lawson, MIT OpenCourseWare ( course materials for 17.55J/21A.430J/21F.084J (Introduction to Latin American Studies, Fall 2006), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, downloaded on [Insert Date]....
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