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17.55, Introduction to Latin American Studies, Fall 2006 Prof. Chappell Lawson Session 11: The Breakdown of Chilean Democracy Handout: The Cast of Characters in Chile Salvador Allende Leader of Socialist Party and Unidad Popular; President of Chile Clodomiro Almeyda Foreign Minister; Maoist, but also a tactical pragmatist Carlos Altamirano Leftist socialist and senior member of UP; foresees ultimate armed confrontation with opposition Hortensia Bussi de Allende Wife of Salvador Allende Miriam Contreras Bell Mistress of Salvador Allende Miguel Enríquez Leader of MIR Jaime Guzmán Ideological leader of gremios ; corporatist/fascist Orlando Letelier Allende’s Ambassador to United States; later murdered in D.C. Orlando Millas Leader of Communist Party Eduardo Novoa Allende’s legal advisor
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Unformatted text preview: Augusto Pinochet Chilean army general; later dictator, president, Senator for Life; now awaiting trial Carlos Prats Constitutionalist Commander of Chilean Armed Forces under Allende; later forced into exile and ultimately murdered in Buenos Aires José Tohá Interior Minister, then Defense Minister; murdered after coup León Vilarín Head of National Confederation of Truckers Pedro Vuskovic Left Sot Minister of the Economy; advocates full-throttle n a t i o n a l i z a t i o n Use of the materials should be cited as follows: Chappell Lawson, MIT OpenCourseWare ( course materials for 17.55J/21A.430J/21F.084J (Introduction to Latin American Studies, Fall 2006), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, downloaded on [Insert Date]....
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