ses15_civilmil - 17.55, Introduction to Latin American...

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17.55, Introduction to Latin American Studies, Fall 2006 Prof. Chappell Lawson Session 15: Establishing Civilian Control Over the Military and Transitional Justice. Civil-Military Relations in Latin America Main causes of intervention Samuel Finer, The Man on Horseback: “instead of asking why the military engage in politics, we ought surely to ask why they ever do otherwise. For at first sight the political advantages of the military vis-à-vis other and civilian groupings are overwhelming. The military possess vastly superior organization. And the possess arms .” 1 Need to define military intervention Coup or no coup o Personal gain o Crucial element is perception of civilian competence o Civilian support Why does military leave power? Mission accomplished Worries about corrupting armed forces (professional institution) o Military-as-government vs. military-as-institution Economy is falling apart; they turn it over to civilians o E.g., Bolivia in 1982, Ecuador in 1977-79 o in name of democracy, hand over mess Loss in war (Greece in 1974, Argentina in 1982) Tide is changing, cut a deal and get out while getting is good o All military regimes face a fundamental problem of legitimacy o By definition, rule by force; almost inherently don’t enjoy legitimacy Why does military cling to power? Residual threat (mission not accomplished)
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ses15_civilmil - 17.55, Introduction to Latin American...

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