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17.55, Introduction to Latin American Studies, Fall 2006 Prof. Chappell Lawson Session 18: Class Debate First debate topic Resolved: Chile's current democratic leaders should prosecute General Augusto Pinochet for his role in human rights abuses perpetrated under the military regime (1973-1990). Teams Team 1A (affirmative) Team 1B (negative) Team 2A (affirmative) Team 2B (negative) Judges There will be two debates: one between Team 1A and Team 1B; the next between teams 1B and 2B. Speakers on the affirmative teams will defend prosecution; speakers on the negative teams will oppose it. Judges will then each render a 2- minute verdict. The first speaker from each team will make a two-minute opening statement laying out her team's overall position. The second speaker from each team will then have two minutes to rebut the arguments made by the other teams. The third speaker from each team will then be allowed three minutes to cross-examine her counterpart on the opposing team, who must defend her team's position with brief and direct
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